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Ellen Bonet has worked as an Office Manager and/or Firm Administrator in a variety of industries for the past 25 years. Insurance companies, architecture firms, law firms, medical billing offices, and car brokers to name a few. These opportunities have provided her with an extensive knowledge and proficiency in office management, human resources, bookkeeping and administrative services.

She has organized small firms and businesses, created office procedures, trained employees as well as supported owners, principles and managing partners in an executive assistant position. After years of dedicating herself to individual companies on a full-time basis she decided to begin offering this type of service on an hourly basis to smaller firms and businesses that would not otherwise be able to afford them. Administrative services are offered to a variety of different business on an hourly basis depending on their individual need per month.  She also offers flat rates for special one-time projects. She truly enjoys using her skill set in a variety of different applications to allow those with small businesses the time and freedom to be successful and profitable at what they do best.

Ellen attended the School of Business and Insurance Institute at Florida International University. Some of the companies who have benefited from her services are:

CJ Investco LLC

Redwood SF Ventures LLC

The Law Offices of Norman C. Powell

Levy Public Relations

Gonya Law

Always Classic Care 

The Syndical 

Suman Entertainment 

Alkemist Design LLC

KEH Design LLC

Joseph Hernandez, P.A.

Evolution Care Inc

All Sports Motor Network

The Engel Firm

Alison C. Harke, PA

Doctors Charter School of Miami Shores

Insight Design, Inc.

Project Insight, Inc.

AI Properties, Inc.

Automated Billing & Claims Services

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